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Survey published in Le Petit Journal august 2021

If you return to your country of origin, what are the constraints related to your residence condition?

A. Mandatory quarantine (resident visa), which imposes a significant additional cost for a painful experience.

B. No return to NZ (working visa), which means a radical change of life

When was the last time you saw your family?

A. 18 months

B. 2 years

C. or more

Did you miss any important family/friend events during this period of restriction?

A. Marriage, Birth,

B. Funeral,

C. Graduation, Birthday, Pregnancy,

Other, please specify

Have you noticed that you, your spouse or your children have

A. An exacerbated susceptibility,

B. A constant weariness,

C. a general apathy,

Other, please specify

5. How would you describe your current state?

A. Agitated, frustrated, anxious, angry

B. Sad, nostalgic, weary, discouraged

C. Normal

Other, please specify

6. Are you prone to unusual behaviour?

A. Shopping sprees, eating disorders, alcohol abuse

B. Sleep disorders, overactivity, exhaustion

C. Nothing in particular,

Other, please specify

7. in the past year, have you considered

A. Change your professional life,

B. Return to your country of origin,

C. Divorce,

Other, please specify

Do you feel like a hostage, like you are in a golden prison or completely isolated from the rest of the world?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Sometimes

Other, please specify

9. Have you adopted any new habits?

A. Practising a sport,

B. Practising a cultural activity,

C. Returned to school,

Other, please specify

10. Have you given in to a somewhat extravagant dream?

A. Purchased a motorbike, a boat, a house, a racing bike, a toolbox,

B. subscribed to a Fitness & Wellness membership, coaching sessions, psychotherapy,

C. changed your look, hairstyle, tattoo,

Other, please specify

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